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WINner Tweak PRO v3.9.5 with Key

WINner Tweak PRO merupakan kumpulan lengkap tweak windows dirangkum dalam satu software sehingga menjadi tool yang sangat lengkap dan berguna untuk  mengoptimalkan system windows, software ini dengan mudah membantu meningkatkan performa dan optimasi Windows untuk mengelola sistem dengan menggunakan berbagai tweak dan utilitas. Ada terdapat  5 bagian utama di dalam Tune-Up Center antara lain Windows, Hardware, Keamanan, Jaringan dan Software untuk mendapatkan akses yang diperlukan untuk men-tweak atau setting windows.

WINner Tweak PRO Sudah mendukung system operasi Windows XP, Windows2000, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7. Features WINner Tweak PRO :

  • Shortcut Cleaner - clean-up your PC from shortcuts pointing nowhere.
  • Uninstall Manager – with this utility you can remove installed software and easily manage your programs uninstallers options.
  • Start-Up Manager – it is the best way to handle Windows autorun programs. It provides tools to add new, view and edit, disable/enable and remove the items from Windows start-up process to optimize it in best way.
  • Internet Cache Analyzer – helps you protect your Internet privacy by erasing internet cache entries. Gives you extended information about each cache item. Also you can export cache entries list to text file or to Microsoft Excel.
  • Password Generator – it helps you to create random passwords highly secure and extremely difficult to crack. You can use optional combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation symbols.
  • Folder Drive – you can create pseudo disk drive(s). Just specify folder where you want create disk drive, choose drive letter and click on the “Create Folder Drive” button.
  • File Shredder – securely destroys (shreds) sensitive and private files beyond recovery. Simply drag and drop files to the File Shredder . Your sensitive files will be gone for good and nobody will be able to recover your  business plans, personal files, photos or confidential letters. (Windows XP Only)
  • System Backup – creates  backup of most Windows settings (Desktop settings, Color settings, Mouse and Keyboard configuration, Dial-Up configuration, Internet Explorer settings, Outlook Express accounts, etc.)
  • Process Explorer – shows you information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened. Control and get detailed information about each Windows processes.
  • Autoshutdown – is a Windows system shutdown manager. The utility provides unattended control for a Windows PC: shutdown, restart, logoff, standby your computer based on time. Autoshutdown can automatically lock the workstation, securing your work. Also autoshutdown can run some application that you have chosen.
  • Translucenter is outstanding utility to make any window or part of Windows translucent. With translucent windows you can make your desktop more organized and useful. Just make any window translucent and you can see through it! Translucenter will remember all windows you make transparent and if you enable transparency on all windows in ‘History’ , utility will constantly check for any new window and will make it translucent immediately.
  • Access Limiterwith this utility you can limit when your children or employees are able to use a computer.
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