Rabu, 05 Mei 2010

Duplicate File Cleaner v2.5.2.149

Duplicate Files Cleaner – a powerful and professional tool for 100% of the first, “Bit-for-bit” find and delete identical files from your computer that take place in vain, hampering the work of the hard drive and as a consequence, reduce the speed of the computer itself. Duplicate Files Cleaner – quickly finds and removes the same files (duplicates), regardless of their type – photos, music, videos or messages Outlook.

Duplicate Files Cleaner scans the computer and lists duplicate files based on Bit for Bit comparison, which gives you 100% accuracy. It can find duplicates of any files: text, music, video or image multimedia, any binary file, emails.

  • Fast Scan & Clean duplicate Songs, Photos, Outlook Emails
  • Free-up and organize your favour collection
  • Make duplicate file management easier
  • Reduce your backup cost
  • Save your time and improve your work efficiency
Though Duplicate Files Cleaner is powerful to find out and clean most of duplicate files, it is not the ultimate tool to do everything you need. When you need to do more with Duplicate Files Cleaner, just submit your requests to us. Duplicate Files Cleaner will be the better solution for duplicate file searching and cleaning by providing both the powerful toolkits and on-demand services. That is to say, when you are using Duplicate File Cleaner, you are not only having the handy toolkits but also the great services from our professionals.


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