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Rubah laptop agan jadi madem wifi (share internet connection gag pake ribet)

Connectify is a free Windows 7 application to turn your Wi-Fi enabled personal computer into a wireless hotspot to share your Internet connection, and create wireless networks on the fly with your friends, co-workers and other devices. Connectify can even share Wi-Fi networks which you are currently connected to with a single Wi-Fi card.

This is the first production ready release. We believe that we have fixed all of the issues that were seen in testing. Some older wireless cards do not yet have full Windows 7 support, and for those devices Connectify will act as an Ad Hoc connection manager, instead of a full blown Wi-Fi Access Point.

For more details, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Changes since Connectify 1.0

Wireless Cloning: On the menu (right click the icon either on the Notification tray, or on the Connectify screen itself) there is a new "Clone WiFi Settings" option. Now you can select this to copy the settings from any WPA Personal, or WPA2 Personal network to which you have connected to your Connectify Hotspot. Devices which normally connect to the other network will now be able to connect your computer's hotspot without reconfiguration. You can instantly use this to become a repeater, or take the devices with you.
Improved Eye-Fi support: We make sure that the port needed by the Eye-Fi wireless card is opened in the Windows Firewall.
WPS Save to USB: Also on the menu is a WPS -> Save to USB Flash Drive option. Select this to write the information (including SSID and password) for your network to a USB flash drive. Then just insert the flash drive into other computers to have Windows automatically ask you if you wish to join the network. It even works in Vista and XP. No more passwords, and if you have a lot of computers to set up this is a fast and easy way to set them all up quickly.
Intel driver work around: We worked around the bug in the lucky version 13 Intel drivers for the 5100 and 5300, and probably all the 6000 series cards and some cards from other manufacturers as well. This will bring Connectify back to those users who have the latest drivers.
Options to toggle autohide of settings, notification messages.
Faster hotspot restarts.
Bugfixes for failures when starting a Connectify hotspot, support for usernames with ampersands in them, support for computers whose clocks are more than 4 months behind the real time (but seriously, you might want to look at that).
Clean up the system more when stopping a hotspot.
Release notes

download  --> 7

 download --> XP

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